SINCE FEELING IS FIRST is an agency + an experiential launch pad for brands spanning the worlds of hospitality, food, & lifestyle. Our mission is to activate and engage diverse communities by inspiring the first feeling through content + programming that touches on the feel points (the senses) to compel the people to #FeelDeeper together.

With a focus on community building, intuitive programming and content that touches on all the feel points for brands, events (at hotel + event spaces ), assemblies (in schools), etc. we aim to open people up to feel vulnerable, to feel fuller and to get in touch with themselves.



Funds raised from our events fuel creative writing + artistic workshops in schools and connect a unique community of individuals to serve as creative mentors for students and teachers. We also provide the needed tools, (notebooks, pens, cameras, etc.) to help kids #FeelTheirWay and utilize the arts as both a creative and emotional outlet.

since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things

-ee cummings


We want to disrupt the educational system and find space to teach kids how to deal with their #feels.


We don't work with "influencers," we work with people. And we work with people that drive change. We share their real stories. What does this mean? It means, we work with an extensive list of thoughtful tastemakers to help spread awareness around vulnerability.

When choosing our campaign partners, we make sure that our brand partners are paired with people that feel and share inspiring stories. These stories are later used to help children examine hardships and passions. To help them understand that these tastemakers (behind cameras, dj booths, microphones, etc.) are real people with real feelings, real struggles, real passions that took time and effort to actualize. 



From brands like Tesla to H&M, we strive to create authentic content to increase curiosity and engagement.

We share real stories to inspire big change. We want adults to remember what it was like to be young; and we want children to be able to better process the difficulties of growing up.

We craft stories around people that work in the arts (think writing, djing, dancing, cooking, meditation, etc.) to show children how they use the arts to better process their feelings.



When is the last time you cried at an event? With a stranger? When is the last time you left an event and genuinely thought about that woman you chatted with for a short 15 minutes the bar?

What if  you went to an event where it wasn't okay to ask people, "what do you do?" But instead, you felt comfortable asking, "what has been upsetting you this week?"

We invite people that are down to be open, get involved and connect with others. We build thoughtful communities with our partners, guests, teachers, students, activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, etc. 

Feel Real.